GlobeNet Named Top 10 Virtualization Company

Over the years the term “Cloud”, has transitioned from a mere buzzword to a critical component in every aspect of modern business. According to CIO review, the Cloud Infrastructure has enabled business to “increase IT agility, consolidate workloads, make IT environments scalable and more flexible.” A key ingredient to the cloud is virtualization and the ability to stand up network environments that include – servers, desktops, network infrastructure, storage and software applications. Theses solutions are scalable both in size and velocity.

“To help organizations find the right service provider for their virtualization initiatives, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CFOs, analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has selected the top players in the sector. We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Virtualization Services Providers – 2018.”

CIO Rreview, 2018

GlobeNet is extremely proud to have received this accolade for our efforts in bringing turnkey solutions to the small and medium business markets. We truly believe that we are a guiding star for companies in their journey with cloud technologies. Bringing unmatched customer-centricity, our job is to translate a CIO’s expectation into reality by offering a consultative arm, strategic planning, and technical support. Simultaneously, we are heavily focusing on bolstering cloud security. The Cloud security risks do not fall solely on the hosting provider and as such business need to be aware of the threat landscapes involved. As an industry leader Managed Service Provider and Managed Security Service Provider, GlobeNet aims to bring more agnostic next-generation technologies for cloud and virtualization solutions to our clients. Contact GlobeNet today to expedite your cloud security and service solutions.

“As the convergence of cloud and virtualization further intensifies, the future of IT looks bright for GlobeNet.”

CIO Review , 2018

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