When Critical Business Systems Fail Can You Bounce Back?

In today’s technological landscape, your data must be protected from threats of all kinds. No matter if it’s hardware failure, extreme weather, ransomware, cyberattack or just plain human error – when disaster strikes, you need GlobeNet’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution to keep your data safe and ensure you’re back in business fast.

Don’t Worry About Data Loss

GlobeNet’s Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution is designed to ensure your most vital information is secure, backed up and readily accessible. What we offer isn’t just data backup its complete business continuity. This means you can rest easy knowing your business will be back on its feet quickly and your data will be completely recovered when you need it most.

Be Prepared for Any Disaster

GlobeNet’s BDR is a holistic solution that is easily scalable to fit business of all sizes. With GlobeNet’s business continuity solution, you can maximize uptime and employee productivity while ensuring data privacy and protection at all stages. Protecting your business and its data from disasters such as user error, accidental deletion, hardware failure, software failure, file corruption, cybercrime, natural disasters is our BDR’s main purpose.

GlobeNet’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution’s Key Features:

  • Data Center Replication
  • On Premises Backup and Replication
  • ZeroIMPACT Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • File Search and Restore
  • Data Security – (CIA triad)

Backup and Disaster Recovery is about peace of mind. By employing GlobeNet’s reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, your data will be continuously protected – allowing you to confidently move your business forward.