Platinum Protection for Your Business

Cybersecurity threats present themselves in many forms – malware, advanced persistent threats, ransomware, phishing, social engineering, vulnerabilities, data loss, database breaches, and more. These threats are present for every company or organization of every size and could leave your business crippled for hours, weeks, and even months. A successful cyberattack can damage your business’s reputation and result in legal ramifications. GlobeNet’s Platinum Protection: Profile and Protect provides a modern proactive security model to help you protect your business.

The Proactive Security Model

GlobeNet’s proactive approach to modern cyber security – Profile & Protect – ensures you always know exactly how well protected you are from specific risks and threats. With the ability to prioritize and take corrective action based on risk assessments, GlobeNet can work with you to define levels of acceptable risk – and know exactly where to focus our attention. We continually monitor and address security alerts with ease, ensuring a complete protection solution from today’s increasingly advanced threats.

GlobeNet’s: Profile and Protect

Combating todays cybersecurity threats takes a dedicated team that is focused on providing the best security solution available. At GlobeNet our team of security professionals can identify security gaps that would leave you otherwise vulnerable to an attack. Our Risk Scoring and Alert Thresholds allows us to assess your business’s risks and work with you to mitigate and manage them accordingly. Bottom line: we provide decades of experience to focus on protecting what matters most to your business.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following:
• Risk Scoring and Alert Thresholds
• Customizable Security Profiles
• Vulnerability Assessment & Reporting
• DNS Protection
• Dark Web Monitoring
• User Behavioral Analysis
• Email Phishing Campaigns
• Monitor User Account Security
• Security Awareness Training
• Password Protection
• Multi-factor Authentication
• Intrusions Detection System

Cybersecurity threats are growing with new exploits and malware coming to the market daily. Businesses are potentially one USB or Email away from having their systems compromised. Preparing your business for cybersecurity incidents is exactly what GlobeNet’s Platinum Protection: Profile and Protect provides.