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In the aftermath Marriott Database Incident lawmakers at our Nation’s Capital Building requested that congress provide federal regulations to ensure consumer databases are protected and companies maintaining these databases are held responsible for negligence. Sen. Mark Warner announced  ,“We must pass laws that require data minimization, ensuring companies do not keep sensitive data that they no longer need.” This statement by Sen. Mark Warner will help an earlier proposed bill – Consumer Data Protection Act – that aims to amend The Federal Trade Commission Act.  

The Consumer Data Protection Act is designed to establish requirements and responsibilities for entities that use, store, or share personal information,to protect personal information, and for other purposes. These responsibilities are – Civil Penalty Authority, Required Annual Data Protection Reports, Data Sharing Opt Out, Data Protection Authorities, and the Bureau of Technology.

“require each covered entity to establish and implement reasonable cyber security and privacy policies, practices, and procedures to protect personal information used, stored, or shared by the covered entity from improper access, disclosure, exposure, or use”

Consumer Data Protection Act

In a recent article by c|net,describes the Consumer data Protection Act further and also notes that C-suite executives at Silicon Valley companies support the data privacy legislature. This supports another law introduced into congress known as the Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2018. Which aims to promote transparency in the oversight of cybersecurity risks at publicly traded companies and REQUIRES acknowledgment of cybersecurity expertise or experience. 

Cyberspace in the United States will fundamentally change over the next decade. How can you protect yourself and your business?

GlobeNet can provided a full cybersecurity platform for your business including a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO). This VCIO will help you conform to forthcoming legislation and most importantly protect your business and customer client data. Every company that uses IT is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. GlobeNet aligns itself with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework to provide out clients the best cybersecurity solution available on the market. 

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